Around the world in 2015.

Everything about New Year is good! And one of the best things is that it’s the perfect time to take a break, take stock, take note, share impressions, and recharge the batteries for next year. I go through this procedure every year (2014, 2013) – I find it useful in all sorts of ways. I recommend you all do the same and give all those around you a burst of pure positivity. So, how did 2015 shape up? Well, let’s see what my notebook says:

  • I shattered my personal record for number of flights – 116 for the year, ~500 hours and ~400,000 km in the air. The most intense month was March – 15 flights.
  • Visited 23 countries, some more than once. I was in China, Germany and the UK most of all.
  • Gave 50+ presentations, did 100+ interviews, got through 20 business conferences, met 6 presidents, prime ministers and ministers.
  • Stayed, lived or simply slept in 41 hotels
  • Discoveries of the year: the Maldives, Guatemala, Gabon, Iceland. I now have 80 countries under my belt.
  • Completed the 9th round-the-world trip. Not much for a year, but it was all fast and action-packed.
  • Caught a connecting flight at SVO for the first time.
  • Turned 50 while “on the road again”.

Kaspersky ЕК 2015_eng

Geographical discoveries

I’ve updated the Top 100 Must-See Places in the World and checked 8 boxes.

Man-made and amazing:

And now for the category ‘Miscellaneous’: Presidential Award in Armenia, a helicopter ride above St. Petersburg, four visits to Formula 1 (Japan, Singapore, Monza, Monaco), an extension of the Ferrari sponsorship for another 5 years, and I finally bought a new camera :)

And that just about covers it. But the adventures for 2015 aren’t over yet – for technical reasons I’m heading into the distant offline until next year. All the very best for 2016!



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