Kamchatka-2015: Back home.

All good things must come to an end: that’s it for at least another year. Time to go home.

In all we’ve trekked/climbed/clambered/slipped/tripped around 300 kilometers, been up five volcanoes (though not always quite to the very top), scanned hundreds of square kilometers of phenomenal natural beauty, scared (or maybe just surprised) dozens of bears, and fed a zillion mosquitos. We’ve also used up kilometers of Kodachrome gigabytes of memory cards :).



Good-bye Kamchatka!

What an excellent expedition! I envy… myself already – and am already nostalgic for Kamchatkan volcanism, clean air (and water) and peace and quiet! I need to get back over there for my next fix asap!

On the plane back to Moscow out of the window we suddenly saw a series of Kamchatkan volcanoes peeping through the clouds – waving ‘see you soon!’, for sure!

The volcanoes look to be Bakening (haven’t been yet) and the Klyuchevsky group on the horizon (was nearby in 2010), and to the right – Tolbachik (was there in 2010 and 2012). And all nicely lined up!

P.S. If you’ve been following all my An-Kam 2015 tales, you’ll have noticed rather heavy use of certain superlative epithets like monumental, fantastical, mind-blowing, grandiose and more. For this, dear readers, I apologize. However, those adjectives aren’t hyperbole; in Kamchatka – they’re 100% accurate! There are no other words (save for the odd synonym) you can use! Don’t believe me (really?:). Then get to Kamchatka yourselves to prove me wrong. Please! I’d love to see you try. And on that chirpy gauntlet-throwing note, I end my An-Kam tales for this year.

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