Winter on the Kolyma Highway

Magadan to Yakutsk and beyond

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Instead of the expected “drive to the Pole of Cold, get frozen to the bone for a bit, then drive back/onward”, the journey turned out to be action-packed, a whole lotta fun, and of course extreme – given the intense cold.

Kamchatka: Contrast Country

Vol II - the South

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Voluptuous volcanoes with colossal craters with multicolored lakes + unearthly landscapes all around, geysers and hot springs + lazy wild brown bears + red caviar spread on your sandwiches not with a knife but with… a spade! That’s Kamchatka folks.

12 Galápa-goshes

and Other Ecuad-awesomenesses

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The Galápagos Islands featured on my ‘Top-100 Most Beautiful Must-see Places on the Planet’ list for years. But I’d never been there myself. That finally changed in 2019: the ‘usual suspects’ and I headed on over there for a taste. So what can I say now, having been there? I’ll say the following: Far. Mysterious. The wildest, extraordinarily beautiful animals. The Equator. Yet I ‘knew’ all that before. Not quite: for it’s only when you go there and see all the magical things for yourself that you can say you really ‘know’ the Galápagos Islands.

Come Hell

or High Altai Water

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But that’s not only because Altai is off-the scale beautiful; there’s something else about the place. It might be some sort of special energy in the rocks, something in the air, something in the water, or something else we’ll never fathom. It’s just that here the colors are brighter, the water is tastier, the grass is greener, and the mountains contrast all the more against their surroundings.

Awesome Africa

The Tanzanian Triathlon

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Every New Year should be seen in… memorably and with a bang – if only so that you don’t regret having celebrated it in a boring manner – or even sleeping through it! Well the year 2016 was no exception to this rule, for we saw it in at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro! That was followed up by several days’ African trekking and safari-ing.

Kuril Islands

An Extraordinary Expedition to the Kurils

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For me, the best rest&recuperation is when you have severe contrasts: when you combine the overcoming of artifcially created obstacles with compensatingly intense and unique positive emotions. All that’s sure what we got!

New Zealand

17 Winter Days in Summery New Zealand

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For now, just get the popcorn in and seat yourselves more comfortably, for here before you is presented an adventure I’d like to share with you: 2 x 30+ hour sets of flights and connections, 6000+ kilometers traveled on NZ roads, and 17 days in this unique country. All righty, off we go!

Muchas Pictures

An Unforgettable Trip to the City of Incas

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Machu Picchu — it’s mind-blowing, brain-bending and format-forgetting. It’s a trip you’ll never forget, and quite simply should be at the top of everybody’s must-see list. Everyone should get there. I can assure you you’ll never have a dull moment, so why not take an extended vacation from work and just go? You won’t regret it!

New Year at the South Pole

The Antarctica Adventure

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This book is the story of one of the most interesting trips of my life. It’s an adventure peppered with amusing incidents, fascinating historical and geographical facts and a few hints for any intrepid travelers thinking of following in our footsteps. So fasten your seatbelts, treat your ears to, say, some Dire Straits, and enjoy the ride!

The top 100 must-see places in the world

Places I’ve been to and planning to be there

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A personal list of what I consider the most unique places on the planet (and beyond) made up of both those I’ve already seen, and those which I’ve heard about and hope to one day see for myself.