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Canberra: not your usual capital.

I think Canberra has to be the most unusual capital in the world.

Capitals are normally grand old cities (well, besides Washington, Brasilia, and a few other such exceptions to the rule), with pompous historical centers, town halls, royal residences, mayor’s offices, large central squares, bronze horsemen, pigeons galore, paving stones galore; crowds of locals plus plenty of tourists with their cameras a-clicking. Plus the central railroad station. Plus traffic jams.

In Canberra it’s all just the opposite. It’s a small city of nearly 370,000. Very cozy, very green. In the middle instead of a square there’s a lake. It’s also a very young city – just 100 years old or thereabouts. There are no traffic jams! At all! Ever! From parliament to any ministry it’s just a five or ten minute drive. Parking space-wise there are also no probs at all. There are never that many folks about, civil servants are rarely to be seen on the streets in the center (in the university district it’s a little more lively – pubs and cafes, but not that many). Up above of course there’s the bright, hot Oz sun.


Rush hour

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Hit the road, Syd.

Yes, here I am still, in sunny Oz, and as happy as a sand boy. We were recently on the east coast, in the green band between the Pacific and the edge of the massive desert interior of Australia. We did Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne – the main cities – from north to south. From Brisbane to Sydney it’s approximately 1000km. So if you ever find yourself down-under with two or three days to spare, I really recommend renting a motor – preferably a soft-top – and doing the whole route.

Australia seaside

The early bird catches the… surf

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Paradisiacal dawn under.

G’day all – from Paradise!

That’s the name of the place I was lucky enough to find myself in just recently – Surfers Paradise. And it just so happens to be one of the best places on earth for catching the sunrise at dawn – from the 60th or so floor of the Q1. And the daybreaks this year were better than ever – clouds either were absent completely, or complemented the view of the horizon. Breathtaking!:

Australia Surfers Paradise Gold Coast sunrise

Australia Surfers Paradise Gold Coast sunrise

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A Great Ocean Road Trip.

The Great Ocean Road, Australia. I can now say I’ve been there, traveled that, got the… confirmation: it’s another must-see place in the world. So what is the Great Ocean Road? Surprisingly, it’s a road. It’s also great, as in both great – super, and great – long; and it mostly hugs the ocean shore.

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Business at the Edge of the World.

Australia. A huge territory, practically completely covered with desert, with thin strips of inhabited zones along the coast. There are some inhabited areas inland, but not all that many. Australia is rather attractive – a nice place to live. But there’s just one “but”. Australia is so bloody far! However, there are many reasons to get Down Under …

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A 16-Hour Flight, and a Day that Never Was.

Yesterday I set myself a personal record – my longest plane journey: 8575 miles, in just under 16 hours from Dallas to Brisbane. Anyway, what are we doing down-under? Well, in May every year the AusCERT IT Security conference takes place – something I never like to miss, and not just because it’s really useful and interesting – also because it occurs in a place called Surfers Paradise.

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