Tasmania’s sensational sunsets and sunrises.

NB: with this post – about a place I visited before the lockdown – I want to bring you some positivism, beauty, and reassurance that we’ll all get a chance to see great different places again. Meanwhile, I encourage you not to violate the stay-at-home regime. Instead, I hope you’re using this time for catching up on what you never seemed to find the time to do… ‘before’ :).

Now let me see – where was I with my tales from the Tasmanian side? Ah yes – with the marvelous views, like these, from the comfort of a cozy sofa! ->

The views become all the more marvelous when there’s a sunset or sunrise. And that includes the views of the skies:

Sunset! I’ve seen a zillion; but I’ll never tire of them…

I’ll let the pictures do the talking… ->

Sensational starry nights too. And an accidental selfie also!


Check out the shooting star – or is it a satellite?

Btw: what’s that black hole in the Milky Way called, and what is it?

Come the morning, and we’re treated to more sky eye-candy. But this really was something extra special: I do believe I’ve never seen a brighter show of a morning ever, anywhere…

High cloud, clear horizon, and boom: half the sky lights up!

We had to be quick though: a few minutes later and the sun rose a bit further and the colors started to fade ->

Actually, this wasn’t the brightest I’ve seen ever. The brightest, gaudiest, richest color – that was over on the mainland in Oz. Let me look in my archive… Ah yes, here it is; check this out! ->

I saw that dawn in 2010 near Ayers Rock.

And like this:

So, sunset and sun-up duly inspected, it was time for us to head out – further along Three Capes Track…

All the pics from Tasmania are here.

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