Tasmania – the video collection.

NB: with this post – about a place I visited before the lockdown – I want to bring you some positivism, beauty, and reassurance that we’ll all get a chance to see great different places again. Meanwhile, I encourage you not to violate the stay-at-home regime. Instead, I hope you’re using this time for catching up on what you never seemed to find the time to do… ‘before’ :).

Yes, I know: I wrote how yesterday’s post was the last on Tasmania. But I’d forgotten about all the video material my travel companion, OA, had taken along the way! Plenty of it too – two hours worth, all shot on his smartphone. So, herewith, an opportunity to get the popcorn in, dim the lights, and go over the whole trip once more enjoy a video version of the very ‘greatest hits’ of our Tasmanian road/walk/chopper tour!…

Oh those Tasmanian hairpin bends!

Tasmanian roads aren’t devilish; they’re heavenly: neat and tidy, well-maintained, and with extraordinarily beautiful views practically all the time…

Tasmania off-road > fairytale places:

Russell Waterfall and Great Roaring Beach:

Orange/red rocks and Little Blue Lake:

Devils Kitchen and Remarkable Cave:

Mind-blower: Tessellated Pavement! ->

Three Capes Track and Cape Pillar:

Cape Hauy:

PS: a condensed version – a bit of everything in ~eight minutes:

Now, REALLY, that is it from Tasmania!! Over and out, rather – indoors ).

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    Andrew Belik

    Really enjoyed your series of blogs on Tasmania Eugene & Oleg.
    So happy to have met you both & feel privileged to live in this part of the earth.
    Thank you for visiting & compiling so many beautiful photos, video & outstanding travel information on Tassie.
    Please visit again someday.
    Warm regards

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