A Knight’s Move.

Howdy boys and girls!

Many of you will already know about our latest sponsorship project – seen it on the news or on one of our sites, if not this one.

But for those who missed it…

In this here large charming building, constructed specially to house such events – in the Emirate of Sharjah

…a few days ago we announced to the world that we’re now sponsors of world championship chess, i.e., of FIDE and World Chess!

So… why?

To me, it’s simple: chess is a smart and cool game. And we love things that are smart and cool…

We like being smart and cool too, if I don’t mind saying so, and we hope everyone else can be smart and cool too. We’re smart and cool by saving the (cyber)world, and we ain’t giving the yellow jersey (or the chess crown) – on both products and technologies – away to nobody. Besides, we assist cyber-police in their investigations of ultra-complex attacks, as a result of which the digital… douchebags often get free trips to special ‘all-inclusive’ guesthouses in cool and invigorating climates where they do work of a more analogue nature that’s helpful instead of harmful to society. Our team of cybersecurity experts is fully international, unique, and the best in the world. It’s GReAT, and it’s great :)

But besides all that, we’re not only a cybersecurity company. We’re also… an events company. Our conferences are well known in the industry and have a solid reputation for gathering the highest caliber of expert-participants – all in an inimitable, relaxed atmosphere.

With jokes and joshing, catchphrases and clowning, we bring together best-in-the-world researchers to… tell stories, which make the blood curdle and cause hair to stand on end all over the body. For example, stories about espionage attacks, about cyber-bank-heists, and about vulnerabilities in (not-so) smart jeeps and medical equipment. And a lot more besides.

The best protection and leading research and investigations – these are the main activities of the company. But we do lots of other stuff – all of it important, though not entirely cybersecurity-related.

For example, we’re on the front lines in the battle against the cybersecurity skills deficit. We work with not one, not two, not three, in fact, I don’t know just how many universities all around the world.

Besides, we like to support the following:

  1. The ultra-technological and furiously fast, especially if it’s… sexy! For example, F1 Ferrari Scuderia;
  2. The exactingly, tenacious and enchanting, like snooker;
  3. The grandiose-anthropological, like the archaeological digs of the ancient civilization settlements in Akrotiri.

And that’s not including:

  1. The undisputedly heroically Antarctic, like an all-female skiing expedition to the South Pole, and then a lone female ski/trek to the South Pole!
  2. A May 1 concert in the Beijing National Stadium with, among others, Jackie Chan (pics here);

Er, and that’s not including the fun and frolicking in other projects down the years I’ve forgotten about.

So I guess it was only logical that chess, the grandest game of strategy, was next up on our roster. We’d already helped Russian grandmeister Sergey Karjakin, and young chess prodigies Andrey Tsvetkov, and Mikhail Antipov. So we figured ‘in for a kopeck, in for a ruble‘. So we became sponsor and cybersecurity partner for FIDE and World Chess. Hurray!

All our sponsorships have seen me try my hand at most of the activities our sponsoree’s take part in: I’ve done a few laps in a fearsomely fast Ferrari; I’ve shot a few frames with a top Snooker pro; I have *not* skied to the South Pole – but I have at least been there! And our latest sponsorship move I hope will take me back to my youth – when I was totally into chess. And why not? We’ve been too long apart. Looking forward. Let the game – of chess – begin!

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