Groundhog G’Day!

The brainteaser from yesterday’s post: ‘what’s not right in this [that] blogpost?’

Answer: the last three pix were of Melbourne! :)

Yep, for that was the next city on my itinerary. Now, I always like visiting Melbourne, but having to leave Sydney on the eve of its yearly Vivid festival to get to Melbourne, well, that’s just not cricket. Here are the pics from 2015 and 2013. Vivid Sydney is a festival that you really have to experience once in a lifetime if possible. There’s no other festival comes near. But I digress. Here we are… in Melbourne!

Another lovely city, but we saw hardly any of it this time: airport (‘welcome!’) > taxi > conference > speech (‘thank you, good bye, come again!’) > taxi > airport. And that was it! The only (non-work-related) thing worth taking photos of were… these here works of art on the walls of the hotel where the conference was taking place. Perplexing is the word I’d used to describe them. Mysterious too, perhaps.  What do you think? Oh, and… what, exactly, are the pictures of? :)

Oh well; I’ll just have to show you some work-themed pics – from CeBit Australia conference:

CeBit Australia is a smaller-scale version of its European contemporaries like Hannover Messe or Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress to suit the smaller scale of the local market. Key players are still very well represented…

…including us!

Ransomware was conspicuous as a theme…

And I had a spot of work to do at the conference too…

More work:

And a short while later it was back to the airport for a flight directly east…

Deja-vu: a second hotel check-in desk today (in a second country):

A while later it was another event, speech, Q&A, interviews…

And after that, finally, exhausted, we were able to get some sleep. Now that was a long day…


To summarize, last week I had:
* 5 speeches at 5 events;
* 3 panel discussions;
* 1 press conference;
* 8 interviews;
* 2 important business meetings.

Phew. Work done, we had scheduled some much-needed laying-low time. Next up, a spot of NZ tourism – hooray! Tales of which – coming right up folks!…


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