Cancun sunrises.

The 2016 season is in full swing, with winter and spring events following one another in quick succession. We have just completed our annual North American partner conference.

It was pretty much the same as always. Presentations, meetings, discussions. Products-technologies-services, strategies, promotion, problems, opportunities, ideas. Lunch, entertainment, networking. Two whole days. Got there – got together – got down to work.


From dawn to… dawn, pretty much :) Speaking of dawn, the sunrises were gorgeous:

We were unfortunate enough to get soaked by a downpour that was completely unexpected – we even had to move the final beach dinner party under a roof. Poor job that – we’ll need to find out who’s to blame and take them to task ;) Actually, this time we did also see some of the familiar bright Cancun sun, though it was mostly overcast.

Of course, we could have chosen a spot where nice weather was a safer bet… Though, in this region, that’s not easy. We’ve already tried virtually every eligible location: local partner conferences have been held in Miami, the Bahamas, Cancun, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Perhaps, we could try Cuba next time.

Sadly, we also held our Latin American partner conference in Bolivia at very nearly the same time as the North American one. Someone somewhere must have got something wrong. I couldn’t make it to both conferences, though I really wanted to.

Well, that’s all for now. The cerveza and Zacapa have been drunk dry, the distinct smell of smoke from Cuban cigars still hangs in the air, the sun is going down, the guests have almost all left – time for me to hit the road, too.

And, at the airport, there’s a Cubana plane right in the next parking spot.


It’s a sign! :)

And after that… After that, we couldn’t reach our next destination due to the weather conditions there. So now I’m stranded in… Don’t even try to guess where. It’s one of the most mysterious places in the world. But that’s another story.


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