I’ve heard of construction-time overruns, but… 150 years for Sagrada Família?!

Sagrada Família is probably the most important touristic (architectural, cultural… basilical) building of Barcelona. Though its construction began in 1882 (no typo folks!) – overseen by no less than Antoni Gaudí himself – it still hasn’t been finished nearly a century-and-a-half later! Indeed, perma-construction is one of the church’s inalienable traits that makes it so unique. It’s like, how can you have a Sagrada Família that’s not under construction – since there’s never, ever, been such a thing?! When the project is finally completed, I’m fairly sure there’ll be something missing from its whole essence )…

Despite the cranes and also the scaffolding in places, there’s no denying this is one captivating, imposingly charming and unique construction ->

Yes, it’s huge; and yes, it’s mind-bogglingly complex – both artistically and in terms of the engineering. There are various reasons for the never-ending construction, a few being: the just-mentioned complexity, Gaudi’s death, lack of money, and the loss of Gaudi’s plans and models in a fire (here‘s that tale).

Looking up at this magnificent, intricate colossus, the following thought crossed my mind: there are three things you can watch forever: fire burning, water falling, and how the Catalonians keep on building Sagrada Família ).

However, progress is being made! Here, for example, is what it looked like back in 2009:

And in 2018:

In 2018 I was lucky enough to get up to the second floor where the choir sits (and stands). I later found out that “outsiders” are generally never allowed up there; yes – I did feel like a VIP! ->

See, it’s just as unique and OMG inside as it is outside! More pics – here.

And here it is under covid – in 2021 ->

Today, construction of the main tower is under way…

If all goes to plan, construction should be completed (!!) in 2026 – a hundred years after the death of Gaudi. Good luck, guys; and back to work!…

That’s all for today folks, but I’ll be back tomorrow with more from Barcelona – from the one and only La Rambla!…

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