And finally – adventurous unusualnesses, pt. 7: going cosmic (zero-gravity).

First – a review of the series:

Part 1: Ocean-going adventures

Part 2: South Pole & North Pole adventures

Part 3: Land-based (road and rail) adventures

Part 4: Chartered… train adventure

Part 5: Beijing Bird-Nest Stadium adventure

Part 6: Volcanic, cockpit & air-pocket adventures

And finally, closing the series – an aerial weightlessness adventure!…

Ten 25-second bursts of complete weightlessness – zero-gravity: just like what astronauts endure when in a space ship or station in outer space! And we experienced it in this here special Roscosmos astronaut-training airplane ->

Oh my gravity-less! A simply cosmic experience!

And I’ve been lucky enough to try this twice – in 2014 and 2018. And I want another go!…

And I’ve gotten myself a ticket for a suborbital flight on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic – so, fingers crossed, one day my adventures will take on cosmic proportions!…

However, I may never make the flight; but if someone wants my ticket (No. 250) for a fair price – welcome!…

You might expect I’d have been on the International Space Station by now, but, alas – no. I did prepare – including quitting smoking! – but I didn’t pass the physical (. Never mind: there’s plenty to see and do on Earth yet! I still dream of one day traveling through space though…

And that is it folks. Awesome-adventure travel-experience series (sea > land > roads/rail > stadiums > volcanoes > cosmos (almost) – done!

Hope you enjoyed.

Back soon – literally with new adventures: of the safari kind in Africa!…

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