The 12 most beautiful places in the world. No. 9: Big red rock @ big red desert.

To get to number nine in my Top-12, we head directly south and west a bit from China – down to Australia: a journey I’d never say no to…


#9. Ayers Rock, Australia.

Aka Uluru (pics only; Russian text), this is another unique natural object, sat right in the middle of this vast country. No one knows how it formed, but that mystery only adds to the appeal of this red rock formation:

Truly must-see in and of itself – but it’s also must-see twice: during sunrise and sunset. The spectacle of the rock gradually changing color as the sun rises or falls is simply extraordinary. Here it is at sundown:

And this isn’t Photoshop folks; it really does ‘shine’ a bright shade of crimson. Like I said: extraordinary:

And you can see the shadow made by the Earth cross the rock – more proof that the world is in fact round, not flat – just in case you need it ).

And here it is at dawn:

And here’s how it looks from up above:

Walks around the rock are highly recommended simply mandatory, since the views from up close are just as awesome as from a way off. Just make sure to lather on the factor-50!

Up close at dusk – also delightful:

At both dusk and dawn folks tend to stare at the rock, not toward the sun itself; however, the way the sun ‘paints’ the clouds too – also oh-my-gorgeous! ->

In all – marvelously, mysteriously must-see…

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