F1 warm up, Barcelona-style.

Quite unexpectedly, it turns out that the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is taking place at the same time that the F1 teams are test driving at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Well, obviously we have to go there! And, well, here we are!

During these test sessions the venues are usually deserted – no noisy crowds, no stony-faced security, no rushing to and from one part of the track to another and none of the hot dog fast-food smells. Nothing!

What’s new?

Once again, the technical requirements for the cars have been changed a lot and, most importantly, there are new aerodynamics. Plus the wheels have become wider. This has had a serious effect on speed – here on the track in Barcelona they managed to go 4 seconds faster (and that’s a lot!). The cars have better grip and can take the corners faster. So, I expect to see more dynamic and aggressive maneuvers at the turns. It’s all very interesting… For a detailed analysis of all the latest features and new rules, see the professional reviews – I’ve just given a very brief overview here.

However, there’s a fly in the ointment. Due to adjustments to the aerodynamics, the car’s nose cone (or whatever it’s called) has changed, and our logo has shriveled a bit. We’ll wait and see how it looks “in field conditions”.

Meantime, we are free to walk around the track perimeter. There’s nobody here except for the media – you can get right up close to the crash barriers.

There are some really good spots for taking photos – from some places you get a view of several sections of track.

Naturally, there are guys with their professional equipment and their “PRESS” jackets all over the place. I’ve got my trusty old wide-angle…, but it looks out of place here – you need something telescopic :)

So, what are the predictions for the 2017 season?

Will we see some new leaders? Or will everything just remain the same?

Everyone’s heading in their own direction, and I’m back on the road again. Guess where I’m off to next.

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