Ask the Audience: Antarctic Creativity Ideas Needed!

Hi all!

As you already know, we’re off to Antarctica! And it’s no ordinary trip to Antarctica – if there can be such a thing – but a very extraordinary one, with an extraordinarily creative international delegation of modern-art adepts aboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov research vessel; route: UshuaiaMarguerite Bay and back.

The Antarctic Biennale line-up will consist of 17 multidisciplinary artists; among them: Zhang Enli (China), Tomas Saraceno (Argentina), Joaquin Fargas (Argentina), Gustav Duesing (Germany), Yto Barrada (Morocco), Julius von Bismarck (Germany) and Julian Charriere (France/Switzerland). There are others too, but I don’t know their names yet. This multinational modern-art contingent was put together by the maestro of modern art, installations and performances, Alexander Ponomarev. Here are some of the latter’s works, btw:

So, led by the maestro, the artists will board the ship and for a week create some contemporary, unforgettable and fundamental modern art; then they’ll install their fresh masterpieces on the sixth continent. Yeah, that’s the plan.

But how do I fit in among all these artists? I mean… I don’t want to be just the token civilian – the ‘along for the ride’ non-artist. I need to get involved properly… And I figured that has to mean also creating something – something worthy, worthwhile and welcome; or at the very least something whimsically funny. It also needs to have art as a theme as well as – ideally, but not necessarily – cybersecurity. Lastly, it needs to be memorable, but not too outrageous!

So, you get me? Ok, a few more details…:

What we got:

  • Antarctica;
  • 7 days;
  • Limited personal kit (in one large suitcase; max weight: 23kg);
  • 1 pair of strong, capable hands, albeit it more used to tapping computer keys and pressing electronic presentation slide-controllers );
  • 1 particularly experienced right index finger – very skilled at pressing the ‘masterpiece’ button on cameras.


To take all that ‘what we got’ and turn it into something deserving of the definition ‘modern art’ – something suited to and worth being demonstrated amid an Antarctic snowy desert backdrop. No pressure ).

So get your thinking caps on folks. The runners-up with the best ideas will get valuable prizes, while the winner, in addition to his/her valuable prize, will be forever engraved in the most exotic and hard-to-reach place on Earth.

All ideas > the comments, below, please. Please be laconic; broad strokes; details can come later. oh, and for the ideas to look good somewhere like this:

Good luck! Looking forward to your creative ideas in written or sketch form (or both) – as you wish!…

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    Daniel Kadane

    Given your penchant for photography and your limited ability to bring much equipment with you. Perhaps a photo montage of sorts. Either the type where you combine photos to make a different overall image (although may be difficult with the primarily white scenery), or joining together multiple photos to create a larger picture.


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