Dammed if You Do, Dammed if You Don’t.

Yichang is a relatively small provincial city (a ‘prefecture-level city’) in the Hubei province with a population of just over four million, but it’s several times larger than London! It’s famous mostly for its Three Gorges Dam, which I told you about yesterday. The view of it from my hotel room looked like this:

And here’s the view from the other side of the hotel:

And a few more panoramic pics taken from the plane. I apologize for their quality; they were taken through a dirty plane window, plus, the air in China is hardly the world’s cleanest and clearest. Plus there’s the climate: humid, with constant cloud up above – so in the pics it’s not industrial smog. Still, in some places transportation/industrial foulness gets added as a bonus.

All around the city it’s endless agricultural rural scenes dotted with the odd bit of industry, and a bit further – mountains, cliffs, rivers and reservoirs. And all together it’s a very pretty sight indeed; rather – I guess it would have been a very pretty sight if not for the perma-fog cloaking everything; and if only they’d wash plane windows once a blue moon…

Oh my Greek! Cooler than the Meteora!

So many tunnels cut through the mountains for both railroads and highways. Here, for example, I’ve marked a few out:

So what fun stuff was there?…

Well there was this here new road. Looks perfect. Only problem: it goes from nowhere to nowhere. Wow – now that’s some seriously long-sighted town-planning: make the roads before the residential buildings. Only in China :). The signposts are even installed already!


Gezhouba Dam. Nothing compared with the Three Gorges, but still impressive:

And here’s another dam not far from the city – Geheyan Dam. More like Wey-hey Dam by the looks of it set in the surrounding mountainous landscape. It appeared to be high, but turned out to be 25 meters shorter than the Three Gorges!

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The scenery here is of course stunning. For example, here how it all looks from down on the ground:

A bungee-jump again. They seem to be following me around…

And this is the FangWeng restaurant – a local attraction built into the cliff face:

Very tasty tuck is served here, including local specialties. Like this I’m about to consume. Can you guess what it is?…


Just in case – from the other side:


And what about this… item? What you reckon?…



All righty. That’s another quick China trip done and dusted.

The things I missed this time, and which are thus saved for my next China mission: Tiger Leaping Gorge and the Three Parallel Rivers. Judging by the photos: mandatorily must-see…

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