Greenland, pt. 6: Ice Ice Bergies:

You don’t have to go out to sea far from Ilulissat before you come across mini-bergs – quite a few reside even inside the port’s walls. From time to time they crack, break up, and/or roll over. Just as we were heading out one ‘berg did just that: it made a crackling sound, sank down under the sea, briefly paused to come to its senses, and then slowly re-emerged upside-down to give its belly a go in the sun :).

But those were mere babies. A little further out to sea were the parents – and grandparents…

Here they are, the beauts!

Ice, Ice Baby Bergies. So impressive even the locals who’ve seen them all their lives can’t stop gawping at them…

We weren’t the only one out inspecting the ‘bergs. This lot were even singing songs as they went along:

Monumental white beauty.

To be continued…

Get ready for many a photo of these brilliantly bulky beautiful bergs!


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