Brief Beijing nostalgia, and just a few good views from the avia.

My Southeast Asian/Chinese business trip was drawing to a close…

Japan – done;

Hong Kong – done;

Beijing outskirts – done.

So far – so good: meetings, events, public speaking, plus the mandatory insertions of micro-tourism along the way – just how I like it.

Just before setting off back home – we had a night in central Beijing. And while there, in my hotel room, I came over all nostalgic…

// Brief digression: you see the clouds in the sky? You know what they mean? That the Beijing air has cleaned up its act. Respect! I wrote about this back in July of last year.

Now, where was I? Ah yes: nostalgia. I got all nostalgic when I saw out my hotel room window that Hilton over there. I stayed there, supped beer there, sipped whisky there, in… March 2002! ->

Now, 22 years ago, behind the Hilton – there was nothing at all to be seen in terms of buildings; all there was were fields. Today, well – see for yourself! ->

In the other direction there are still some older, lower-story apartment blocks:

And that, finally, was it for my China/Southeast Asia tour. Later, in the plane heading west the weather was so bad there was nothing to be seen at all out the window. Things started to clear up a bit when we were over Mongolia:

But even there the pics were spoiled somewhat by the filthy window:

Where this was I don’t know, but it’s still a wonderful view! ->

Once in Russian airspace the nice views disappeared again so we missed a sighting of Lake Baikal completely. Only somewhere over the Urals did visibility improve:

There’s Nizhny Novgorod ->

The Spit of Nizhny Novgorod:

Here it’s more visible:

Not long later – and we were touching down in Moscow…

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