A visibly clearer, cleaner Beijing – no more stingy eyes or respirating!

Hi all!

Today, a brief interlude to my ongoing lux-adventure-tourism series – from Beijing! I was there the other week, and came over all nostalgic since I hadn’t been there since… September 2019 – nearly four years ago!…

The first thing I noticed was that the Chinese capital had freshened up: the air quality seemed much better – so much so that you can walk the streets without a respirator. And the photos taken from my hotel room (almost) showed the distant horizon! ->

In the past, the smog would get so bad that buildings just a few kilometers away couldn’t be made out. Here’s proof!

Apparently, the Chinese Communist Party ordered all heavy industry/manufacturing to be moved some 60+ kilometers out of the city. Accordingly, chimneys can still be seen – but none of them are smoking! ->

There’s still some smog-clearing initiatives left to go through before that horizon will be clear as crystal ->

Of course, when in Beijing – visit our Chinese office! ->

A leg-less Midori Kuma guards reception ) ->

FolKs hard at work ->

All looking good – Keep up the good worK!

The air has become that much cleaner in Beijing that the mountains in the distance can just about be made out; at least – to the naked eye. Alas, the windows, though no doubt cleaned regularly, reduce visibility through a camera lens, so no mountains to show you here folks :( ->

Meanwhile – we head on back through a Star-Wars-esque tunnel in our futuristic office ->

[I’ll pass over the business part of the trip; suffice to say it was positive, productive and promising:]

Evening photo from my hotel room:

Quite how they’ve done it (besides the smokestacks’ relocations) – I don’t know. But the new, fresher, cleaner, purer Beijing is just awesome: no more stinging eyes, and no more respiratory issues if you take a deep breath. Way to go!

There’s still some way to go in dealing with road congestion though – but where isn’t there?!

That’s all for today folks! Back soon!…

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