Istanbul in the rain and fog – no tourisms to report on this here blog.

Hi folks!

After Budapest, next up – Istanbul. Out the window of my hotel room – a nice view, with the weather bearable ->

Nice bridge; not nice traffic:

I was looking forward to some tourisms the following day as it was a weekend; would the weather hold out?…

Come evening the views were just as splendid:

Nearing midnight and still the traffic was bad on the bridge; it was moving faster, however…

Alas, overnight, the weather worsened. No park strolling for us the following day, and no getting to the tops of towers – there’d be nothing to see (just like at the top of Kambalny volcano in Kamchatka in 2018: nothing to see = no point climbing to the top!).

“Can you see Çamlıca Tower?”
“That means it can’t see you either. Cancel.” :(

Later – the weather only got even worse. Grrrr.

And that was that – weekend tourisms cancelled!

Monday morning – work. Lots thereof: meetings with partners, clients, large companies. But most important was the signing of an MOU with Boğaziçi University regarding study courses for cybersecurity students, and assorted other cooperation. We also opened our latest Transparency Center there, and I gave a talk for both students and lecturers too ->

Full house – just how I like it! ->

Meanwhile outside – still no improvement on the weather front:

No traffic on the bridge! That’s because I took this in the middle of the night! ->

Just hours earlier it was chokka:

And on that depressive note, alas, it was time to be heading back home (but not for long). Farewell Istanbul, not nice not seeing you. Maybe next time?…

The rest of the pics from Istanbul are here.

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