You can never have too many awards. Especially Euro-awards!

Hi folks – from Austria!…

But I wasn’t here to just look out of windows at the dreary Euro-weather. I was here on business – lots of it; first and foremost – to personally receive this! ->

…For, when your company is awarded none other than “Product of the Year”, by none other than AV-Comparatives, not getting yourself down to Tirol to receive it in person is simply out of the question!…

Based on the results of a year-long study by this independent Austrian testing laboratory in which it analyzed 40+ products (both home-use and corporate) from 20+ companies on the broadest range of parameters, we were awarded five prizes and 15 certificates (the maximum result – achieved by us alone), including the two main awards: Product of the Year and Strategic Leader!

What pride and contentment looks like )

Details about the participating products/vendors and the testing methodology and procedures can be found here.

But these were by far not our first top awards. In fact, over the last ten years not a single competitor has come close to us in terms of the number of awards from independent testing labs. So, why the fuss over this here particular win of ours? The answer’s simple: because we won big despite the geopolitical situation we’ve no control over being stacked against us.

Indeed, for a company from our part of the world to take part – and then win across the board – in European tests in the year 2023… it can seem like science-fiction; if not science-fiction – it would at least seem improbable. However…

We worked harder than ever before; harder – and smarter. And the improbable became reality: products, technologies, and indeed the company as a whole being recognized, respected and… loved in Europe – even in these tough times. Hurray!

Here’s the first biggie (Strategic Leader) ->

“I’d like to thank God, my mom, my gran my team!”

And here’s the other – Product of the Year ->

And here’s our posse; quite a few of us, right? The reason: we’d decided we’d need sufficient K-folks to be able to hold up all our awards ). Btw – the K-folks you see here hail from Russia, Germany and Austria ->

Hip-hip hurray!

Hip-gip – ura!

Hip-hip – hurra!

Ooh – the secret’s out: after the first pics were taken – out came the pilsners for a mini celebration party with colleagues-competitors and the AV-Comparatives team too. Prost!

Post-party, it was back to our hotel. The weather out the window: miserable; still – it made a change from meters of snow covering everything! ->

Later, our awards duly loaded into our luggage, it was time to head to the airport and from there over to Barcelona for a super-big and super-important event. But I’ll tell you about that next time…

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    Borsi Miklós

    Gratulálok. Évek óta Ti vagytok a legjobbak – bárki bármit mond

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