Simply the best! (As if you needed confirmation.)

Ladies and gents, girls and boys!

Here’s something that needs celebrating (to brighten up these dull and dreary wintry days). The independent testing lab AV-Comparatives has released its Summary Report 2023 in which it “highlights the high-scoring [consumer anti-virus] products” it tested throughout last year. A total of 16 security solutions were rigorously put through their paces in several different tests – including of their ability to protect against malware and advanced threats, of performance (low-system impact), absence of false alarms, and so on and so forth. And out of all 16 there was only one winner – the only product that secured top marks in all 16 of the tests. Can you guess who?! Ok, it’s hardly a toughie since it’s me who’s telling you, but… yes: it was our Kaspersky Standard – named Product of the Year 2023! Hurray!

Ooh – that’ll go nicely in our shiny awards cabinet here at HQ. Oh – wait: is there any room left?!

What’s especially satisfying is that the testers heaped praise not only on the product’s technical capabilities, but also its interface. So it wasn’t for nothing we added plenty more top-notch functionality while seriously overhauling how it all looks. Nice.

Btw – for more than two decades already we’ve been constantly under AV-Comparatives’ microscope – unlike some of our competitors who only select the tests they’d do well in. Which brings me on to another win for us: we’ve garnered the most awards from AV-Comparatives out of all tested vendors across various categories – totaling a full 57 awards (two of which were for low impact on system performance)!

But wait. There’s yet more good news!…

The British testing laboratory – SE Labs – has been busy analyzing various cybersecurity solutions, and not only cyber-protection products for home computers, but also those for large corporations and medium and small businesses’ networks. And once again we’re the champions! Our Kaspersky Plus, KESB, and KSOS each earned a 100% (!) rating for accuracy of detection and reliability in blocking cyberthreats. Hurray again!

But… wait again – there’s even more!…

The analytical agency Quadrant Knowledge Solutions awarded us top marks in its ratings: our MDR solution and Kaspersky Incident Response share the leaderboard with other world-leading solutions in these particular fields of cybersecurity. We’re rather new to MDR in general, so to be able to take a top position right from the get-go is simply great!

In all, some superb results all round. Hard to believe given the difficult geopolitical situation we continue to find ourselves in – especially the pressure on us in North America and Europe. But it just goes to show: when you’ve the best technologies, the best products, and the best services in the world in your field – staying on top is still achievable. As the saying goes – you can’t keep a good man down (while the others look on in envy)!

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    Lyudmila Nassenkova



    Im really unsprised with this “news” Ive been using your products since 2022 and they are simply the best. Thank you for your great work sir. Well deserved!

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