The long and winding… trek – to Everest’s Base Camp: video version.

Hi folks!

I’ve decided to take a time out (for some, probably a welcome one) from my ongoing Kenya-safari series, to bring you a redux of another series – the one on my trek up to the (Nepalese) South Base Camp of Mount Everest in May, but in video format.

Now, I’m no (video) cameraman; nor are my fellow travelers who found themselves 5000+ meters above sea-level at the foot of the world’s tallest mountain. Photography is more my thing. However, one of said fellow travelers did a rather good job of shooting plenty of footage of our trek, and a short video has since been produced therefrom. And that’s what today’s time-out of mine is about: to suggest you, dear readers, become dear viewers for a mere two minutes and 37 seconds. You won’t regret it!

For those who might have missed the series, what I’ll say briefly about it is that it was tough. So tough in fact, that near the end I even contemplated… deserting (visibility was down to almost nothing: no enjoyment whatsoever)! Yes – me: who normally relishes tough stamina tests in harsh conditions around globe (and mostly – up it:). In the end, it was probably a mix of laziness and mild altitude-sickness symptoms that convinced me to carry on. Today, looking back, I’ve only fond recollections of the adventure (memory’s like that:) – mostly of the bonkers beauty all around for almost the whole trek – that is, when the Himalayan foggy weather didn’t spoil our view of said beauty all around. It’s experiences like this one – with all their ups-and-downs (pun not intended) – that life is made up of.

Enjoy the show!…

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