Go East, young man…

Alas, as often happens around this time of year around K-HQ in Moscow, the springtime goes in for an identity crisis: it keeps thinking it’s wintertime, darn it! Little sunshine, no birdsong, nothing blooming, zero other attributes of awakening nature, and plenty of… snow. Like this! ->

Still, it has its charms – I guess. It’s just those charms always become anything but charming after a full five months of the same. But what am I complaining about? It could be worse (it could be like this year-round, as in Antarctica); and anyway, “there’s no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing”, or so I’ve been told. But it is always nice to get away from the gray gloom at this time of year. And this year’s no exception: we were headed east to the (snow-free) Asia-Pacific region to kick off my business-trip season. First stop… well, you should be able to guess it from this pic:

Ehhhhh, sexy lady

Oh yes: time for some Seoul searching!…

Alas there was no time for the searching around Seoul, as the schedule was too tight and full (some things never change:). Indeed there were simply too many meetings with partners and customers, lectures, official-ceremonial contract signings, and assorted other vital business matters to attend to. Not that I’m complaining (for the second time in one short blogpost) – for it was all interesting, engaging, useful and fun. But – you know me: I like to tag on some tourism after the days’ toil. But not this time: too much to be done.

However, I did manage to snap a few pics; some words on eastern emotions and impressions will come a bit later. For now, here are those few pics ->

Library! ->

Here’s the view from my hotel room:

And that’s all for today folks. As I’m writing this we’re already back at the airport and boarding in 10 minutes to jet off to our next eastern destination…

PS: Check this notice affixed to the elevator door in the hotel. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such an appeal for quiet like this before, or, if I have – certainly not such a perfectly polite and courteous one :). But wait – maybe there’s a hidden meaning, or at least one I missed. What do you think folks? And if there’s no other meaning already there to be discovered, I’m sure some of you bright sparks, dear readers, could come up with a new, original, witty one, no?! A little consideration – please speak softly in the comments!…

The rest of the photos from Korea are here.


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