Namibian quivering aloes and hungry cheetahs.

Enough about dead nature (rocks). Now for some nature that’s alive. And let’s begin with trees.

Yet another absolutely wonderful tourist attraction in Namibia is the aloe Quiver Tree Forest. It comprises around 250 specimens of aloidendron dichotomum, known locally as the quiver tree. And it’s amazing (just like so many other things in Namibia, an amazing country)! The quiver trees here are huge and, according to internet, live for 200-300 years (how does the internet know? It’ll only turn 30 soon:).

But let’s get back on topic. Wanna see the photos of the mentioned above aloidendron dichotomum?

To better understand the size, we asked someone to stand beside one. It’s easy to see that he’s not of short stature himself, so factor this in too ).

These aloe trees are really very unusual. Now let’s get closer and have a feel ->

Next up – the moon makes an appearance!

And that’s me standing on a stone, taking pictures, casting a shadow :).

And the sunset! Wow!!!

By the way, entry seemed to be free in the daytime, even though it’s a private territory. But at night entry costs as it’s so good for taking night photos. For a reason I don’t understand, people come in crowds here to take photos of these giant aloe trees against the starry sky and the Milky Way!…

Well, it’s OK if some folks enjoy it. Especially if they take really impressive photos.

All this was near the town of Kitmanshoop, to where we came straight from the Fish River Canyon. Here’s a map below on which is marked the airport from where we’re scheduled to depart tomorrow.

We spent the night at the inexpensive Quiver Tree Rest Camp. I can imagine it’s the best offer in the whole neighborhood, but compared to yesterday’s Canyon Lodge it was… a little modest. But we were happy with it! We came to Namibia not for spas and pools. Take it easy and have fun :).

The sign at the entrance was encouraging ->

The camp owners have a farm with many different animals; but the most curious ones are the cheetahs! Feeding cheetahs is especially amusing – including to onlooking dogs ).

The cheetahs happily chomping their meat. And nothing can distract them from their chomping either!… And the dogs watch this injustice sadly, whining and barking, but not too loudly! They’re screaming but not too noticeably! Anyway, they want this meat so badly. The dogs even come up real close to the cheetahs – but they NEVER make any attempts to steal a piece of it. Very wise ).

Well, let’s wish the cheetahs bon appetit! As for us, it was time to get ready to… I already gave you a hint earlier, didn’t I? :)

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