The King of Volcanos: Krenitsyn volcano, Kuril Islands.

Now we’re done with the northernmost Kuril islands, and it’s time to head south. On the right hand side, we see two islands Antsiferov and Makanrushi. I’ve not heard anything interesting about these two, which is why we pass them by without calling in; perhaps there is something worth seeing that I don’t know about. If anybody knows of something worth seeing on those islands, let me know and I’ll try and visit them next time I’m around this way.

Next on our Kurils route comes sunny Onekotan, a truly remarkable and delightful place! What makes it so special is the Krenitsyn volcano, the most beautiful volcano in the world, positioned at the island’s southern tip. No words or comments can match its beauty… This is the king of all volcanos! A stunning creation. Oh… and there I was trying to steer clear of “words or comments”. Even just looking at these pictures, it takes your breath away… Wow!

Yep, you guessed it. This post is exclusively about the Krenitsyn volcano. But you have to agree that even if it’s just one volcano sticking out the water, all the pictures – with clouds, from different angles, in the morning and evening sun – show something different.

Its technical specifications are as follows.

✔️ Height: 1324 meters. Easy to remember: just a slight variation on 1-2-3-4.
✔️ The caldera is 7 kilometers in diameter. Yep, that’s right: the distance to far side of the lake is 7 kilometers!
✔️ The lake is called Kol’tsevoe. It’s 400 meters above sea level, and is a whopping 369 meters deep! Incidentally, it’s the 4th deepest lake in Russia.

That means the volcano’s cone sticks out 1324-400 = 924 meters above the lake!

Here it is at night:

And early in the morning…

And at various other times:

And now, just in case the wonder of it all is too much for some, I’ll take a short breather from my stories :)

More photos from the 2019 Great Kuril Adventure.

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