KL comes of age.

21 years old – this used to be (and in some religions/countries still is) the age when a young person became an adult – aka came of age. A real ‘milestone’ as it were – a biggie; a special birthday, a jubilee…

Well guess who turned from being a minor into an adult just the other day?…

You guessed right: KL!

And a KL b-day – as probably everyone knows by now – means it’s time to party: with a capital ‘P’. All we needed was good weather to allow the party to really rock. Well this year we were in luck:

A monster b-day blowout, in addition to the good weather also needs a monster venue. Check!

What else is needed? I could list the ingredients; showing you the pics thereof is a lot more satisfying:

Yes, as you can see this year our bash went off big time – as per tradition a little bigger and crazier than the previous year. But this year – we’re 21 already! Able to vote, drink alcohol, have sex, watch adult movies, and so on. Accordingly plenty of… voting and alcohol consumption was witnessed last Friday :). But all within appropriate limits of decency and decorum because, of course, with coming of age one becomes fully legally liable for ones actions too. No worries there though: every KLer I know has their head screwed on right and doesn’t do anything (too!) debauched! It’s just what we do best: work hard and play hard!

Ok, you’ve seen the pics, and I’ve told you about the significance of 21. Now – for the all important highlights of the shindig stats:

  • 50 inflatable unicorns and 20 inflatable ducks were delivered to the party – and all were used heavily throughout the whole day for splash-frolics in the lake – perhaps a final gesture for some in finally seeing off adolescence;
  • 20 meters of hair braids woven;
  • 36 kilometers (total) of inflatable obstacle course covered by masochistic KLers;
  • Almost 100 KLers watched an adult movie Terminator 2;
  • 1360 burgers bolted down;
  • 4000 ice creams ingested;
  • 16,000 portions of noodles noshed;
  • 210kg of hachapuri throat-hurled;
  • 5 tons (TONS!) of other tasty treats taken in nourishment;
  • And as regards the volume of drinks… no, I don’t want to upset any moms out there :). Ok, go on then, just one figure – pivo (beer): 2600 liters thereof put away!
  • A mere 25 KLers turned up for the dawn-after yoga session :).

Of course there were also the obligatory KL shows – live ones (no lip-synching here), involving a full 92 KLers! Singing, dancing, pink hare, humbug leggings, raps, riffs, solos… and the words ‘GDPR’ and ‘Confluence’.

Our hosts for the day were TV presenter Tatiana Gevorkyan and MTV’s Alexander Anatolevich:

Nightfall didn’t spoil the fun – it just made more of it! Stars, dusk, and rock’n’roll and all that…

And to top it all off, konechno – fireworks!

So there we have it folks. KL: all dressed up, all grown up, and it real did go!

And now I really must go – very far away on vacation. About which – as per tradition – you’ll be hearing in installments some time soon…

Cheers, cin cin, proost, prost, salud, santé, skål… and of course na zdoroviye folks! And one last time: Happy Birthday to Us!

All the b-day pics are here.

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    enzone federico alias manuel pipo

    Great people

    Christopher Wooddell

    Congratulations on your team and the company you’ve created!

    I’m sorry we had to leave KL products due to geopolitical concerns. It’s not your fault, and your reputation for honor and your dedication to security are above reproach.

    In fairness, if I lived in the Russian Federation, I’d distrust American-based security software for the same reasons I had to move to a non-Russian security solution – all the integrity and good will in the world doesn’t matter if your host government makes demands. It doesn’t matter if they have or haven’t been proven to have done it yet – it’s that they can, and if/when that happens, it will be too late for the customers our company protects.

    Nevertheless, I applaud your Open Transparency initiative. It is the right move, and if, when more details are known and the correct protections against *any* nation’s spooks are in place, KL has more than proven their dedication and chance to win our business back.

    So, don’t give up, KL team! You’re on the right track and can pull through this political mess and make it out OK.

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