The red rocks of Kazakhstan.

Hi folks!

I’d long heard about Kazakhstan‘s Charyn Canyon and wanted to check it out. Well, seeing as though I was in Almaty recently, it was rather easy for me to travel the 200km directly to the east of Kazakhstan’s largest city to get there. And here she is:

At least, I thought it would be rather easy getting there. Turned out it took about three hours in a car. There’s a good highway takes you most of the way, but for the last 80 kilometers the road’s not so good. Not to worry; once we got there the views soon banished our transfer-woe ).

It goes without saying you need to walk the canyon for best effect. However – huge alas – we didn’t have the time. Grrrr. So most of the canyon we viewed from the car. Which got rather hairy at times:

Canyon from below:

Canyon from up top:

A real splendid spot. Highly recommended for a visit. Best of all would be staying the night nearby so as not to rush it. This canyon has never rushed – you shouldn’t either ).

In addition to the canyon and the country’s largest city, Almaty, I also visited the country’s capital, Astana.

Have to say, I wasn’t too impressed with Almaty – apart from the snowy peaks of Trans-Ili Alatau visible therefrom. But maybe that’s because we were in and out in mere hours. Must return for a second attempt!

While Astana is a whole different kettle of fish. Sensational skyline: the embodiment of modernity. Just a shame we didn’t have time for a walkabout there either. The views from my hotel window were remarkable though:

That’s all for today folks!

All the pics from Charyn Canyon are here.

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