Bahamama Mia!

Get ready folks – this post is full of extremely bright colors. I recommend wearing sunglasses (and a Panama hat) so you don’t get blinded (and sunburned:). For this post is dedicated to the 365 Bahaman islands – cays – of Exuma, one of the most beautiful places in the world…

As often occurs on these here blogpages when I encounter off-the-scale natural beauty, there’ll be few words today and, you guessed it, lots of pics…

Hold on… Is that a…? Yes! Oh my. This was an unexpected site:

On we fly!

And down there, swimming about in that bay in among all the yachts?


Oh my goodness. But apparently those sharks aren’t big enough to pose a threat to humans.

What a place! 200+km of sandy beaches, azure sea, plus assorted other paradisiacal features.

And the cherry on the cake – a rainbow:

That’s all for today folks…

Just a quick selfie leaving the plane…

Bahaman Islands don’t let you out of their clutches so easily. They entice you back with a kind of Bahaman-impression-aftershock: you look at the pics again, and realize you need to share yet more of them! Bahaman Rhapsody.


Occasionally a wind gets up even in paradise:

Strolling along the shore one day we came across shipwreck. Bit of an eyesore. Shame to spoil the picture-postcard view.

Hmmm – I wonder if this was another victim of last year’s Hurricane Irma?

Suddenly, fossilized crabs – dozens of them!

Bahaman island-hopper:

How cool?

Islands, islands, islands…

Without a shadow of a doubt: Top-100 material.

And that – really – is it from the Caribbean: over and out.

All the photos from the Bahamas are here.





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