A View to a Thrill.

Be careful what you wish for!…

…I’d been wishing for an aerial view – from an airplane – of Santorini for years. Well now it’s come to pass.

I had in fact flown over the Greek island before, only at night and/or on a cloudy day, so I never saw anything. This time, the conditions were perfect: a bright, clear day. The conditions were so perfect that even the pilots were taking pics!


And it’s not just Santorini that looks so splendid from up here.

We then flew up the most of the full length of Italy, but surprisingly I didn’t notice anything down below worthy of a pic. But then came the Alps!…

Mont Blanc up ahead. Which reminds me: I really must climb up it one day…

All righty, that’s it. Short but sweet this post. We’re making our descent already…

Next up: a spot of business. Can you guess where?…

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    Eugene Kaspersky


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