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Χαίρετε folks!… From sensationally sunny Santorini, Greece. A spellbinding place…

Santorini is magnificently mind-blowing in all sorts of different ways simultaneously: touristically, climatically, volcanically, archeologically… But wait… I’ve been here before and aptly raptured before too. So I won’t repeat all that here – especially since nothing has really changed since last time – in 2013. The beauty’s all still here (if looking from up above), the sun’s still as bright, the sea’s not receded, and the volcanoes haven’t wiped out their surroundings…

I’ve said it many times before – as have many others – and I’ll say it many times more… pictures are worth a thousand words, so without more of a do…

One more magnificent mind-blower: the food. Fresh out of the Aegean.

Come evening clouds come in off the sea to enshroud the island. Most bizarre how they seem to appear out of nowhere, glide past and then disappear somewhere over the other side of the island to reveal the setting sun again in a perfectly clear sky.

Aha. I remember this place. A Mexican restaurant I dined in 10 years ago. Still here. As is its quirky ‘nothing happened’ sign, only now it’s even more rusty.

When on Santorini and the Celsius is satisfactory – the main thing to remember is to always have your swimming kit with you. ALWAYS!

As regards Santorini’s beaches, there aren’t that many. Some are large, some tiny. They’re not much to look at, and quite rocky. But one thing they are is very reddish.

So, what am I doing here? You won’t believe it…: working! Some of us have to do it :).

We’re working on a very unusual, very interesting project. More precisely, we’re helping those who are experts in the field do their work effectively. But more about that in upcoming posts…


All the photos from Santorini are here.

Αντίο folks!

Back tomorrow…

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