Lijiang: few words, many photos – pt. 1.

Hi folks!

A photo’s worth a thousand words. Well here the photos – lots of them – do the talking. I’ll just say where we are: here, not far from Guilin. And as you’ll see we’re taking a boat ride along a river, that river being the Lijiang, aka the Li River.

Super scenery…

Colossal constructions…

Handsome hotels:

Ok, now for some words; they do come in handy sometimes even with pics like these…

This is the Lijiang – or Li – River. It’s along this river that those boats I mentioned briefly in the last post sail along. And they sail for an obvious reason: to let tourists get up close to all the natural beauty.

I look at these photos and start to feel envious… envious of those who’ve never been but will do one day!…

And we don’t look so bad ourselves – busy as bees getting all this on memory stick…

Our destination (a village) for the day:

Bamboo juice!

But that’s not all; there’s plenty more ahead for those who want it!

Bamboo boats on the back of a truck that get driven up the mountains to ferry the tourists back down again:

The bamboo-boat embarkation point:

What’s that up ahead? A ford!

The fords are just about crossable going down, but getting upstream of them is pretty impossible. That’s why the boats/floats get put on trucks for the journey up.

An amazing river trip! Must-do!

That’s all for this post folks. Lijiang pics, pt. 2 – coming right up…

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