PhwoahxPhwoah in the Desert.

Ever driven across a desert – I mean, off-road – actually on the sand? Probably not – it generally can’t be done by all and sundry; only specially-trained, experienced drivers are permitted. But it doesn’t really matter; just being in a passenger seat is equally thrilling as being sat behind the wheel. The experience beats helter-skelters easy. Must-try!…

Alas, after such a wonderful sunrise, the sunset was a bit disappointing. There was a strong wind, and the clouds on the horizon appeared to eat up the sun-imbued colors like a crocodile. Or so it seemed to me ). All the same – pretty awesome, even though it seemed to have been digested by a large reptile.

Between the dunes there are dry expanses and small salt lakes. Actually, they’re probably huge salt lakes – only covered with barkhan dunes.

Btw, do you know the difference between a dune and a barchan? Ok – have a guess. And no looking it up via those two links to Wikipedia!

Btw II: Can Wikipedia be trusted on this? I’m not sure…

All the photos from Rub’ al Khali are here.

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