Desert Scene: Beautiful, Serene.


Nothing quite like them. Endless sandy scenery, wavy dunes, sand all squishy underfoot – or blowing up into your face by the wind; in fact, sand: EVERYWHERE! In your boots, in your pockets, in your… teeth! But despite such petty tortures (and with sandals on your feet, not boots) – the desert is otherworldly beautiful, breathtaking, brain-numbing, hypnotizing. Like this:

These pics are all from hereRub’ al Khali (‘Empty Quarter’), on the border between Abu-Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.

Whoah. Wiki states that: “Empty Quarter is the largest contiguous sand desert in the world”. United Whoah Emirates!

You know by now…: I like my sunsets and daybreaks. Well, the latter I checked out here one morning, and it was out of this world. Words can’t describe it. Those who’ve seen a desert dawn like this will only have their memories of it spoiled by words trying to describe it; and those who haven’t seen one still won’t understand the degree of fabulousness after reading a description of one.  Therefore: less words, more pics:

My travel companion on this trip, A.B., was also stunned by the arid beauty of the desert:

And up comes the sun, the colors slowing getting brighter.

But if you ever fancy a spot of desert-driving in winter – just remember to take some warm clothes with you. It’s not a resort where it’s +50 in the shade. Of a morning here it can get chilly: a mere +7 when we were there. Our Moscow coats sure came in handy, especially when it got windy:

That’s all for today folks, but back with more tales from the desert tomorrow…

All the photos from Rub’ al Khali are here.

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