On Your Marks, Get Set… Go!

Having a depressing January? Well don’t! Get out and about – preferably on the road! Which is just what I did. With my trusty big black suitcase

To warm-up it’ll be Western Europe, mostly of the Alpine variety. Then it’ll be a healthy dose of equatorial/tropical travel, then back to Europe, then back home for a bit. It’s going to be fun, I can tell, and I’ll be sharing that fun, plus pics thereof, as I go along (I’ve already found the ‘masterpiece’ button:).

I got off to a real nice start still at the airport in Moscow. So calm and quiet after the New Year bedlam! No one rushing and pushing, hardly a line to be seen… Phew. Ahhhhh.

Here I am already over in – actually, right now, under – the Alps! Can you guess where exactly:

Surely it’s not hard to work out?!

Crikey. I know I like to have a full schedule, but this is verging on an endurance test! 8am to 9pm – for three days straight!

Oh well, best get started…

Will report back after the three-dayer; definitely not during :).

For now though I’ll leave you with a brainteaser. Identify this?!:

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