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Holy moly! This is one ultra-modern, cavernous travel hub. It resembles more a museum than an airport. All polished and shiny too. However, not all that glitters is gold. It’s also a very slow moving, uncomfortable airport. Although I’m sure they’re trying their darndest, they’ve still a long way to go in terms of service. “They rebuilt the airport, but didn’t think about the passengers who’ll be using it!” A.Sh. commented verily.

Back to the plusses (alas, briefly) – it’s got a real nice and spacious business lounge, and the food they serve there is out of this world; much better than the usual sandwiches and cakes. And lots of proper drinks too :). But can they provide Wi-Fi that’s fast and easy like in most other international airports around the world? NO!

The Wi-Fi here is slooooow, and insists on a text message to your cell phone “for confirmation and security”. Er, no thank you, I don’t need that kinda Wi-Fi. So we decided to dine properly instead. Oh, what a delight… If they served up such choice cuisine in every business lounge, I’d not bother with the Internet at all – ever, anywhere! I’d also not fit into my jeans.

Mumbai airportThere will always be jaywalkers no matter where you are. No matter if there’s a zebra crossing two meters away!

Mumbai airportSwanky. But…

Mumbai airportThe Royal Albert Airport

Mumbai airport

Mumbai airport

Mumbai airport

Mumbai airport

Here’s a curiosity: I never normally take any notice of customs declaration sheets. But guess what’s not allowed to be taken into India – what’s the first item in the list? Guns, drugs, live cultures?… Nope!:

Beware the Indian customs rules

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    Haha! Hope you have a good stay, if you are staying.

    John Bush

    Hi – I wish to use the 1st photo of Mumbai Airport on your blog (the jay walking one) in a not for profit documentary I am creating on India. Happy to give you a photo credit. May I have your permission? Thanks! John Bush, New York

    Eugene Kaspersky

    Hi John, sure thing!

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