Dubai – in a Suit.

I recently needed to get myself down to Dubai to take part in an awards ceremony for the most, most-est CEOs. The organizer was the biggest local publishing house ITP, whose magazines alone number 50 or so. These were very prestigious awards, so I had to be there in person. And in a suit!

Eugene Kaspersky at the CEO Awards

But only after a quick tour of the surroundings.

Despite all the doom and gloom in global economy, UAE keeps up with fast development (you’ve probably heard about the recent multi-million dollar sponsorship deal between Etihad Airways and Manchester United). However, sport is not the only thing these guys invest money in. They’ve also fairly pulled off a miracle by building a city in the middle of the desert – and they’re still forever improving it!

Here are just a couple of views:

Ariel view of Dubai

Ariel view of Dubai highway

Dancing fountains – like a turbo-charged Vegas! Every half-hour, from six till ten. Just a shame a decent photographer wasn’t around to capture the scene…

Dancing fountains in Dubai

And here it is: the CEO Middle East Awards 2011 Outstanding Contribution to Business Award! I’m very grateful – thank you!

CEO Middle East Awards 2011 winner Eugene Kaspersky

The rest of the photos you can find here. And here’s the official follow-up report.

Ciao all!

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    Samuel Tan 陳思量 (@hisamueltan)

    Congrats Eugene.

    You look good with suit. Anyway, even t-shirt & jean also equally good :)

    Peter A. Nawurah

    Weldone Sir! We wait to see many more of these Awards! …

    John P. Gucxkel

    I fully understand your preference to casual wear. As owner of several different companies I decided one day that “I” got to choose what to dress in. Dresses were out, since I am a Lesbian trapped in a male body. One day I had, what we in the U.S. call, a Polyester Meltdown, of ties, leisure suits, any all suits. I burned them all except for one ….. a Tuxedo for formal “Black Tie” events, and when I am dead.

    Now I dress as I feel comfortable. I find that the stress of day to day business life has eased.

    Very few business professionals dress as they please. Does that change their capabilities and intelligence? Of course not. Never judge a book by it’s cover.

    I applaud you and respect you as an individual. You have created a company that serves mankind. The runaway train of technology is sometimes hard to keep up with, we can only try our best, day by day.


    Thanks! That’s really inspiring!

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