Our first global Cyber Immune conference!

Despite the extraordinarily uncharacteristic weather in Dubai, we still managed to hold our first ever international Cyber Immunity Conference there; hurray!

So, what is Cyber Immunity? (In case you don’t know; sorry if you do.) It’s our approach to building cybersystems that are secure-by-design and, as such, resilient against hacker attacks.

Actually, there’s a lot of talk about what it is. There’s talk about programming needing to be accurate and secure, and that we need secure processes of program code development, multilevel testing and cross-checks, and other such nonsense. But we believe that the main thing in security-by-design is the basic architecture of the operating system; specifically, its ability to protect even untrusted and vulnerable components/modules/applications, or, rather – block their abnormal behavior. We’ve lots more detailed information here, and those who want to dive even deeper into it are welcome to contact our experts, who can be reached at the same link.

As we hurtle ever deeper into the cyber-era, it’s clear that Cyber Immunity will be our savior. Alas, it’s still only one side of the coin in that cyber-era, for there are still the ever-increasing professionalism and numbers of hacker attacks from the other side of the barricades. However, I firmly believe that, out of the two, one side has no long-term future. Guess which one ). But for that scenario to materialize we need to learn how to build cybersystems that are secure-by-design to be able to fend off hacker attacks. That is the future of the cyberworld. And the other week, when we were down in the UAE, it was of course highly fitting to be able to talk about the cyberfuture in Dubai’s Museum of the Future ->

All righty. Off we pop to our conference…

Wow – what a building. Eek – what a line:

This here fish-drone flies around up above the line; is it checking no one’s jumping the queue? :)

We were all set to welcome our guests. Here are the stands all ready – those of our Cyber Immune technologies and solutions, plus the stands of our partners:

I won’t go into detail here; I’ll just say it was all really interesting. More than 200 guests attended the event from a full 29 countries – not bad given that some didn’t make it due to the freak washout-weather.

The conference hall all set too:

And we were off! We told our dear guests all about our Cyber Immune achievements and latest developments, and the new capabilities of our Thin Client 2.0 based on our operating system (for those who might still have images of… malnourished customers, our thin client is basically a compact endpoint digital-box that provides users with remote desktop access without a remote – second – workstation). What else? I signed an MoU for collaborative cybersecurity defense with Moro Hub, a subsidiary of Digital DEWA, the digital arm of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority; and we of course viewed the presentations of our dear partners and experts from around the world.

Here’s the warm-up press-conference:

And here’s me meeting our honored guests. Here I’m chatting to His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwaiti, Head of Cybersecurity of the UAE:

Here’s me opening the conference:

The above-mentioned signing of the MoU:

Panel discussions, speeches, presentations, discussions… and smiles all round! ->

Oh yes. A belter of a conference – and all in the name, and for the worthy vital cause of, a Cyber Immune future!…

That was the business over with for me; next up was the micro-tourism portion. But all about that in my next post…

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