Far-North Road-Trip 2024: onward – northward!

The internet connection here is really unstable – coming and going all day long. Just now it’s available though, so here’s my next mini-tranche of Siberian on-the-road/wilderness pics:

These photos are of a winter road upon a frozen river. As you can see – sunny and cloudless: a beautiful day indeed. The internet’s disappeared again just now, but I’ll show you where this is on the map when it’s back… ->

No, still no internet. I’ll simply tell you that it’s the Yana river ->

…And the next settlement along it we came to was… ->

Verkhnoyansk, (here) (the “other” Pole of Cold).

When in Rome, when life’s given you lemons… ) ->

Here are the journey stats for this day. By 16:30 we’d covered 517km: a good reflection of the kinds of roads and distances here. And check out the temperature outside – positively sweltering! ->

The next morning – light cloud, but still awesome views ->

Halo! ->

So, what about the northern lights, you may ask. Alas – we didn’t see any. The green-purple smudge in the sky here is only what our smartphones’ cameras saw ->

I’ll write a post dedicated to the places we stayed at later on; for now – sneak preview of the Arctic Circle minimalism! ->

And here are the stats for that day:

And that’s all I’ve got for you today folks. Alas – the internet is too shabby for more just yet (and anyway we had hardly any free time). But there’ll be more to follow eventually, I promise! Stay tuned!…

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    Mark Hay

    Hmm looks like you guys got to see Northern Lights. That is a dream for me in Australia! Great pics and thanks for sharing the adventure.

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