No mushrooms in the forest yet, but finally spring is here!

Hi folks!

Just recently, while I was busy at Mobile World Congress, I was informed that back here in Moscow the season of spring had finally arrived! Sure, there’s still plenty of snow around – but it’s falling less and less frequently, and less and less heavily. And what there also is now plenty of is… sun – and birdsong! Hurray! I had to see this for myself. And that’s exactly what I did at the first opportunity after flying back from Barcelona ->

It’s been a wonderful winter, with sooo much snow (there are still plenty of piles of it taller than me dotted all over) ->

Where the snow’s not been cleared away, for example in this here forest, it comes up to my waist ->

…All great news for children and other snow lovers, and of course skiers.

It can’t be easy for wild animals having to wade through it all…

…Or maybe they stick to the paths that have been cleared of the upper layers of fluffy snow by Homo sapiens in their tractors? ->

…Or the narrow paths made, I guess, by skiers and walkers ->

Oh yes: fine weather is always great – even in a snowy forest!

Your days are numbered, eh, Mr. Snowman? Don’t worry; the snow will be back before you know it come October!…

The next day – my first in the office after my trip – the weather was still remarkable, but not quite up to the day before: the sun was all hazy behind light cloud ->

It must have decided to stop distracting us from…

…our work, of course! :)

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