Hailstones and hurricanes – in Dubai!

Hi folks!

Finally – I’ve done it: my first business trip of the year; hurray!

En route – a superb view of the Mount Damavand volcano. Oh what a beaut! ->

Our destination – Dubai. Why? To take part in the World Governments Summit 2024.

Of course, weather-wise we were expecting scorching sun and soaring temperatures, but all it did on our first day is rain! Most unusual, and actually really quite serious. So much so that the Monday was declared a work-from-home day. Brought back memories of lockdown even. Yikes…

And when I say serious – that’s no hyperbole. Check these scenes out (found on the net)! ->

A soccer match called off in Dubai because of… snow! Who ever would have thought it?!

Mercifully, come evening things calmed down and the weather became most comfortable: 20°С and bearable humidity.

I’ve been to Dubai a full 20 times (not including just for connecting flights), but only once before had I witnessed rain (albeit light rain) – and that was also one February. The other 19 times it was normally sunny, hot, humid, as Dubai is famous for. Between May and September it gets crazy hot – like 50°С hot or even more! It’s basically an air-conditioned existence for everyone those months (imagine: how did they manage in days of old before A/C was invented?!). So, generally, the climate here is most predictable. But days of overcast skies and heavy rain – that sure is astonishing.

At times on our first day there was thunder and lightning too. Then there were the hailstorms. Then there was a hurricane! Everyone on the beaches rushed inside – in shock!…

In-between showers there were short respites when the sun would peep through briefly-parted clouds – but they didn’t last long…

In those respites a spot of bathing could have been ventured, but the strong winds had even cooled the warm sea!…

The brief returns to typical Dubai weather were nevertheless appreciated! ->

Ok, enough about the bad weather. And anyway – we were here to work! Which I did, but I won’t go over that (others have kindly done that for me:). Here, just a pic or two… ->

Of course, when in Dubai – go to our local office, naturally. There I chatted with our seasoned employees and was introduced to our newbie-ones. All good. Our office, btw, is on the 22nd floor of this skyscraper ->

Ooh – there’s a familiar face… ->

We have around 60 K-folks working in Dubai, and we’d not have enough room if everyone came to the office; just as well most work remotely ) ->

The views from the office windows are splendid!

In one direction ->

And in the other ->

So, our staff are supposed to concentrate on their work with views like this?! ->

At one point I was asked which views from our offices around the world are the best. Ooh – now that was tricky to answer. Singapore’s sprang to mind; and HQ’s aren’t bad either – in summer with yachts sailing on the reservoir next-door, or in winter when it’s frozen over and dotted with lone fishermen who’ve bored holes through the thick ice ). But no – I had to admit: there’s no beating views like those here in Dubai! ->

All righty. That’s all for now folks; back soon!…

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