China-2023: Langshan, pt. 3 – rock camels and candles.

Langshan – pt. 1: done.
Langshan – pt. 2: done.
Langshan – pt. 3: coming right up here today (and all the Langshans in a single day!)…

And it’s called… Camel Peak Scenic Spot. Hmmm – I wonder where they got the name from? ->

…Actually, if you think that’s a camel’s hump – you’re wrong; it’s the camel’s… tail. Confused? You’re not the only ones! And here’s the camel from the side; still befuddled?! ->

In short – lost in (cultural) translation, I think. Whatever. Camel’s the name and that’s that. Get over it!…

Anyway, what you see in the photo in the corner of the map – the Camel and also Candle Peak to its right – is where we needed to get to next. Ouch. Far.

I’ve so many amazing photos (especially those taken at sundown) that I don’t know which to choose. Well here goes anyway…

The entrance to the Camel – modest; and you don’t even need an entry ticket ->

…Maybe that’s why our driver decided to come with us this time ->

The trusty brown-backed map – and another easy route:

Candle Peak ->

We were to head up the back of the head of the Camel (by now, less “lost in translation”) ->

The Candle from its base looks a little different ->

The view behind us – woah:

More crevice paths; but only for the brave…

The going was tough ->

But, of course, that’s when the tough get going ->

We reached an observation deck somewhere between the Camel and the Candle ->

(Photo taken from the route-map above)

The undulating hills of an evening: spectacular! ->

The camel’s head takes on a different hue:

And looking the other way – also marvelous:

And this is… something like the “Bridge of Eternal Love”. All the trinkets placed along at are for eternal… love; or was it happiness? Or was it money? Or was it all three, or a mixture thereof (I guess they do help each other out:)…

Our final climb of the (very long) day…

Up top, this here pretty pavilion:

Then it was back down the other side to finish. But first – the views all around: oh my gorge! ->

The Pepper from a different angle ->

Final photos, and then we head back down – exhausted, but exhilarated!…

As the sun sets – fading to grey, via orange:

Still on the way back down – another super-thin crevice. At least it wasn’t uphill ->

This rock was still perplexing me. Many of the small rocks in its make-up aren’t even polished from water; does that mean an ancient glacier brought them all here? Is it all moraine that somehow all got stuck together? How?…

Phew. Third Langshan walkabout – done. In all it took us just under two hours, seeing us cover two kilometers. A simply wonderful quick-trek. And a simply wonderful day!…

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