A brisk walk in Brussels after dark.

Another stop on our recent whirlwind tour of European capitals was made in Brussels. Alas – it’s not the best time of year for a visit in terms of weather, and the Belgian isn’t the most tourist-oriented of capitals. Not that we had much time for tourism anyway – as per, it was mostly work, work work. Accordingly, we only got a bit of evening strolling in…

Now that is a nice central square ->

Not far from it, Brussels’ most famous symbol – the Manneken Pis! ->

Now, is it just me who wonders about just why this tiny bronze sculpture is so well-known and popular? Still, just look at me – automatically drawn to it and taking at least two photos of it and showing them to you, dear readers ).

Could it be so popular because there’s not much else besides it in the center of interest to the tourist? Well, there is chocolate (plenty), and there is good beer (plenty), plus the classic architecture rules, but apart from that, tbh – it’s struggling somewhat (regarding tourisms), imho ).

Back to Grand-Place and down a few of the side-streets off it ->

And that was that: nighttime Brussels – done. Tourisms-lite it is – but still a charming old downtown ->

PS: A few pics of the artwork on the walls of my hotel room… ->

Interesting – yes. Suitable for tourists’ nightmare-free nights’ sleep? Not so sure…

And… the inevitable Manneken Pis – inevitably strategically placed too! ->


Brussels big into art. Check out the wall of a restaurant near our hotel ->

And that’s all from Brussels folks. Next up – Germany (Berlin and Bonn)…

The rest of the photos from Brussels are here.

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