African vacation – ver. 2023: on-the-road observations.

En route from Tsavo East National Park to the eastern coast of Kenya, I had plenty of time for snapping life-as-it-is scenes by the roadside. And now, here’s my edited collection of such pics for your curious-viewing pleasure…

First up, one thing you Brits might notice: the signposts are just like in Blighty! Same color, font, styling!

Another thing that strikes you straight away is how villagers basically treat the road as if it were their back yard; and jaywalking doesn’t quite describe it, since there are no pavements and no curbs – let alone zebra crossings (which struck me as somewhat ironic!).

The buildings – ramshackly-patchworky, I’d say ) ->

Hotel? Really?…

As to what’s sold in roadside stores, it’s probably quicker to list what isn’t sold ->

Occasional random piles of rubble:

Really?! ->

And so on…

Women predominantly wear bright colors:

All of a sudden – boom! Thunder and lightning, and raining cats and dogs tigers and hyenas!

We passed from under the storm clouds – and again it was bright and sunny ->

Kids (also brightly dressed!) heading home after school:

Deeper into the interior of the country there are plenty of Christian (mostly Protestant, then Catholic) churches, obviously from colonial times…

…While nearer the coast there are more and more mosques – Islam now being the second religion in the country after Christianity (practically the whole of the east coast of Africa was once controlled by the Arabs at one time).

By the coast, not cheapest of cars start appearing – in among the tuk-tuks! ->

People-watching, Kenyan roadside style ->

Shalom. Jesus is… what’s that?! ->

We arrive. Time to head to the beach for a dip and a daiquiri! Decompression time, finally!…

…But more on that in the next – final – post in this Kenyan safari series…

The rest of the photos from Kenya are here.

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