Welcome to the Hotel Putorana!

My recent tales from the Putorana side wouldn’t be quite complete without a mention of the hotel camp/hostel we stayed at while there, so here’s a quick post about just that…

It’s called Derevnya Neralakh (Neralakh Village) (named after the river it sits beside).

And very comfortable it is too: new cozy cabins, and delicious food – curtesy of master-chef Viktor!

It even has a tower!…

Tourists are ferried in on these here hovercrafts:

The cabins: modern and comfy – like I say:

Of course, there’s the inevitable banya (sauna), but its location is simply perfect: right on the shore of the lake (i.e., perfect view, and perfect for cold dips after a good long steaming:) ->

Helicopters land here too (on the world’s most basic, eco-friendly helipad:) ->

A kilometer-and-a-half from the base – a “warm-up” waterfall, to acclimatize you before viewing his big brothers further elsewhere around Putorana ->

And that’s about it for Putorana, folks; at least – the few parts we checked out, for there’s so much more to it. Which is fine by me – it means we can come back one day and won’t be going over the same ground again…

The rest of the photos from Norilsk and Putorana are here.

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