Big summer expedition – twenty-twenty-two: off to the Kurils via Kamchatka, we flew!…

Hi folks!

It all started in… Magadan…


It’s getting to be a tradition feasting here at the airport before the long-haul east…

And we’re off! Somewhere over there is our Moscow HQ ->

These here rivers are somewhere near the Gulf of Ob ->

Several hours + one sleep later, we begin our  descent, which – as always – I was looking forward to. Why? Because normally planes approaching Kamchatka circle wide up above Avacha Bay and the views are oh-my-gosh! This time, alas, no circling (.

And here’s Kamchatka. Gorely volcano – with its turquoise lake almost all dried-up:

Mutnovsky volcano’s waterfalls:

Mutnovka puffing away (as per), with Vilyuchik on the horizon:


Bathing season (in the Pacific) – open!

What can I say: it happens. And no one was expecting it…

Captions anyone – for the above pics?!

PS: A few more pics… ->

That’s all for now folks. As per another tradition, this was a pre-starter aperitif just to whet the appetite. More – coming shortly!…

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    Captions anyone – for the above pics?!

    Did a sudden wave turn the boat ?

    As the saying goes..
    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

    Thanks for sharing! Great photos!

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