Right, then. Time to zoom down Ilgumen.

Altai-2020 continues. Up, breakfast, decamp > river. River: Katun. Up next: its Ilgumen Rapids – here.

‘Woah. I feel the need for a row!’

Just short rapids these, but intense! They begin here:

And end just round the bend down there:

Maybe they look a bit underwhelming at first?

Then add a raft and you get a better feel for the scale! ->

Right. Our turn…

Somewhere there there’s a ‘pulsating’ thingamajig, where the water gushes upward violently, taking with it and turning upsidedown anything that might be unlucky enough to be passing through it at the wrong time. In short – we need to be careful…

And here’s the rafter’s-eye view ->

Pheeew. We made it through!

And after that short, sharp dose of adrenaline-excitement, the Katun goes all calm, relaxed, unhurried, unperturbed – as if to match our general condition thereupon it )…

Oh my glorious!

Later in the day, it was time to park up for the night. And where better than…

A sandy beach!

Ahh – perfect. It even came with a volleyball! Alas – no net )…

That’s enough action for one day. Time to chill…

What a place! And key – no folks but us!

Rather brief action this day > correspondingly brief post ). Enough! Good night, and till tomorrow!…

All the pics from Altai-2020 are here.

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    Looking at all those beautiful photos, it is not surprising you had such an exiting and refreshing holiday!

    I should say, that in the kind of business, where so many bad things are made to occur, it must be a bliss to encounter nature’s incorruptible beauty ! …

    Thank you for sharing!



    ‘bad things have to be confronted’

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