Peter: Picture-perfect for KL-partner-conf.

St. Petersburg when the sun’s come out to play is to me the best city to be in in Europe. And I’m not alone in declaring such a bold sentiment – I’ve heard it from many others from many different countries too. But why ‘in Europe’? That’s just so as to be able to compare meaningfully. It’s difficult comparing Russia’s second city with, say, Hong Kong or Singapore, as they’re just so different on so many levels. But I digress. So, about StP!…

I was here in Saint Pete for our annual global partner conference where we brought together 110 of our most cherished partners – from 25 countries all over the globe. We had it in the Astoria, Angleterre, and Leningrad Center, and it went down a storm.

Some of our partners were here last time – in 2008 – 10 years ago! All rather nostalgic. And the must-wear pressies given out to all participants this year were raincoats and sunglasses – perfect for Peter ).

Next – riverboats!…

…along the Neva and canals by night.

I won’t describe St.P scenes here. Surely you’ve seen them before. If not – get here asap!

Up go the bridges:

Super city, super weather, super conference. A great way to start the summer!…

And that completed for me my latest globe-trot. Eight cities and other locations, eight flights, and still a backlog of pics worryingly not getting any smaller :).

All the Saint Petersburg pics are here.


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    Fantastic city. Dog friendly! I’m moving in from Sweden soon. Can’t wait to be part of that great city.

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