Fifty Shades of Blue.

If ever there would be a movie called Fifty Shades of Blue – it would be set in Bora Bora. It’s one of the small islands of French Polynesia in the middle of the Pacific. If you like the color blue – Bora Bora is for you.

Unlike in Moscow – where there’s snow still on the ground in places – spring is in full swing here (not that winter here will be a frosty white-out, I’m sure… but still). Possibly the world’s most perfect climate, and possibly more shades of natural blue on the planet too: the ideal location for a quiet, meditative vacation.

Indeed, this is the perfect antidote to weather-induced blues back home. It’s basically the exact opposite. Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this, since I’m sure many of you are still suffering the bizarrely unusual winter hangover up there in the northern hemisphere. Oops. Ok; will stop. But I just have to show you the pics!…

Just a few more pics and that’s it for today folks; I’ve a Blue-Bols-containing cocktail waiting for me down on the beach. Eek! There I go again!… :)

Au revoir folks; till tomorrow…

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