An aquarium you can swim in, or a swimming pool with fishes?

I like pleasant surprises. But then, everyone does. But pleasantly unusual surprises in the most unusually pleasant of tropical environments – they take some beating. Like this one, for example:

If you look closely at the above three pics, you’ll notice that that there body of water is half-pool, half-aquarium. It features those divider thingies that separate the lanes of a swimming pool; it also features all sorts of tropical fish of various calibers and colors and there are also clumps of coral growing in there – because its water comes from the Pacific Ocean right next door.

Clearly there’s a pump bringing the seawater into the pool. The fishes love it: it’s like an aquapark to them. They get into the stream of the incoming water, and shoot into the pool at great speed; then they swim back round to have another go – again and again!

What a cool construction. Perhaps such a thing is present at a lot of hotels situated next to tropical ocean; it’s just that this was the first I’ve ever seen.

And if you use the zoom on your camera… oh my gaudy!…

Like the idea of setting up your own swimming-pool-cum-aquarium in your bath supplied by the local river at your hotel in the tropics? Here’s all the info just for you:

Though there are no folks bathing in the pool with the fishes in my pics, they do take a dip now and again – but not for long. For this is mostly a stop-over hotel: folks fly in to the nearby airport – impossibly named Fa’a’ā – and not long after they’re flying out again after staying just one night. Btw, the hotel is the InterContinental on Tahiti in French Polynesia.

Ok folks. Just a quickie today. But more tales from the tropically paradisiacal side coming up shortly…

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