Iguazu: no seasons – just a lot or no water.

Hi folks!

Herewith, my final post on Iguazu! All good things come to an end…

On our last day at Iguazu the sun came out to play – for the first time while we were there. This is quite normal, of course, but what was less normal was how the clear skies (no rain) that began the previous night led to the water levels falling by more than two meters! Haven’t seen that often. Have a look for yourself:

Turns out that here there are no seasons of high and low water (as I previously thought); it’s a lot more instantaneous: if it pours down with (tropical) rain upstream of the Falls, there’s gonna be a lot of water heading down the river not long afterward. And if it’s dry – just the opposite.

Btw, around every 10 years or so there’s flooding here, which all but destroys the bridges, leaving just their concrete supports:

VERY dry seasons look like this:

Check out the following three pics to compare different water levels:

(Dry season photos – mine from 2006; flooding pics I found on the internet – here, here and here).

2006 dry season:


Just in case:

And that ends my mini-series on Iguazu. Highly recommended. Just remember: be prepared for the unexpected!…

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    nicolas fresne

    unxepected that’s exactly what I like about Argentina and Russia and never be disapointed. But you have to unplan and let things hapening

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